AI Solutions to Accelerate Disruptive Innovations


  • TE Product Engine is easy to use, flexible and allows you to configure and build products from scatch in just clicks. Users can self-define product elements, calculating formulas, documentation path, etc. The product can link to external AI algos via APIs and be accessible as APIs with other third party applications.
  • TE Analysis Engine is a big-data platform made of modern cluster-computing technologies that can process terabytes of data (such as IoT, images, audio, video, etc.). At the backend, it's also equipped with state-of-art Machine-Learning and Deep-Learning frameworks. AI algorithms run on top of TE Analysis Engine and are accessible always as APIs.
  • TE AI Engines together offer solid backend and allow users to concentrate on their own business logic and customer engagement applications.
  • TE AI Engines are accessible with competitive pricing on a subscription basis and help to accelerate time-to-the-market for discruptive innovations with minimize costs.

InsurTech AI Solutions

TE InsurTech AI Solutions
  • TE InsurTech AI Solutions cover the whole value chain of insurance processes and multiple product lines. Our market-verified algorithms with superior results can help you to optimize:
    User Experience Evaluation | Tariff Pricing | Sales Conversion | Renewals | Claim Management | Anti-Fraud | Reserve Loss Ratio Prediction
  • TE AIoT Solutions specialized in IoT analytics combined with TE AI Engines allow you to realize advanced pricing strategies based on real-time sensor data: Dynamic Personalized Tariff.
  • TE ClaimsAI Solution leverages cutting-edge image recognition algos to produce car damage estimates for claim settlement. It can operate with or without AIoT Solutions.
  • TE Anti-Fraud Framework extends beyond using simple rules and scores and digs deeper in exploring the fundamentals of fraudulent activities in order to build stronger defences.

FinTech AI Solutions

TE FinTech AI Solutions
  • TE Fintech AI Solutions focus on Credit Risk Selection and Credit Collection Optimization.
  • TE AI Robotic Recovery Workflow embed Collection Optimization AI Algos inside software and guide credit collection operation in order to maximize recovery productivity and efficiency.
  • Due to the nature of Credit business, it's crucial to better select the portfolio in advance. TE Tailor-made Credit Indexes combined with TE Preventive Anti-Fraud Defense outperform standard market credit scores to satisfy specific client/portfolio needs and help to avoid extreme risks.